Saying Goodbye to Your Scale

Most homes have a scale in the bathroom, it's become almost tradition to have one laying around.

But the problem for many is when the number dictates how we feel about ourselves. What do you say to yourself after weighing in? What thoughts begin to form in your head and how do you feel after weighing yourself?

When you begin to determine how the rest of your day goes because of what the scale says, its time to say goodbye. This is a loud red flag waving in the wind. Tieing yourself to a number opens up the door for negative self-talk, thoughts of dieting and even obsession with trying to control your weight.

I am not implying that everyone who weighs themselves will take it to the extreme of dieting and disordered eating, I'm just cautioning on what could happen if weighing becomes a habit. Scales really arent that accurate in determining the health of an individual, all a scale reflects is your gravitational pull to the earth. - that's it. Scales are unaware of your labs, well-being, sleep patterns, and thoughts. It's literally a piece of equipment, no soul, feelings, or agenda. Yet for some, the number begins to reflect willpower, structure, and worth.

You are more than a number:

A phrase you've probably seen many times passing through your newsfeed on Instagram or Facebook. But, think about how true this simple phrase really is. At the end of the day, what truly matters?

The connections you've made, the way you feel both mentally and physically, and how you made others feel around you, or a number on a scale that can not determine any of that? So, why do we give so much power to something so empty and meaningless? Well, there are a few reasons but one that stands out loud and clear is Diet Culture, it's everywhere. This multi-billion dollar industry can be found on television shows, commercials, and even on your social media feeds. Fad diets and advertisements for the newest "magic pill" (neither of which work longterm) can be found all over the internet. No wonder children as young as 8, teenagers, women, and now more and more men are beginning to associate weight with worth.

Always remember one thing: The scale can never reflect the love you carry in your heart or the dreams you want to accomplish. The scale can't show your beautiful talents or abilities. The only thing the scale can reflect is a number, calculated by a machine that probably isn't even accurate. Certainly, you are so much more than that.

Our weight naturally fluctuates throughout the month

On average women's weight can fluctuate up to five pounds. This is typically due to water retention, not fat. There are a variety of reasons our bodies retain water including hormones, menstral cycles, even some medications can cause the body to temporarily retain water. But, weighing yourself and being tied to a specific number during these periods can cause negative thoughts, anxiety, and fear of weight gain, causing urges to do something about it which can lead to a cycle of chronic dieting, disordered eating, compulsive exercise or restricting of food intake.- But, not health.

The Scale is an outside resource:

By allowing the scale to determine your day, you're pulling away from your natural hunger and fullness cues. You begin to shut down your body's natural signals and rely on an outside device to measure your portions, feelings and well-being.

Instead, let go of the scale and tune in. Our bodies are made to keep us alive, and if you're reading this, It's done a really great job thus far. Listen to your hunger signals- these a just gentle signs meaning your body needs more fuel. Think of your metabolism like a fire. In order to keep a fire burning, we must add logs every few hours or the fire will go out. So, try not to go over four hours without eating, or adding fuel. Breakfast is literally, "breaking the fast" and revving up your body for the day. Skipping meals or limiting your portions only makes things harder in the long run. When you eat, do just that. Turn off the television and put away your smartphone, focus on your meal. Allow your self to slow down, taste the different textures and spices, eat based on what you enjoy, and how it makes your body feel. There is no such thing as bad foods, only bad eating habits. Meaning you can eat any and all foods. losing labels such as "fattening and bad" are a great start. Here's an example: You may love chocolate cake, but won't allow yourself to have it because you've labeled it as fattening. -Eat the cake. Now, if you eat chocolate cake every day all day, it wasn't the cake itself that caused weight gain, but eating habits.

So, let go of the scale, stop allowing a machine to dictate your day and get back into your body, listen to it, nourish it, and allow for foods you enjoy. Anything that makes you question your worth, isn't worth it. You are so much more.